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Juniper Transaction

Juniper Transaction
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2021
Juniper Transaction [Abstract]  
Juniper Transaction Juniper Transactions
On January 15, 2021 (the “Closing Date”), the Company consummated the previously announced transactions (collectively, the “Juniper Transactions”) contemplated by: (i) the Contribution Agreement, dated November 2, 2020 (the “Contribution Agreement”), by and among the Company, PV Energy Holdings, L.P. (the “Partnership”) and JSTX Holdings, LLC (“JSTX”), an affiliate of Juniper Capital Advisors, L.P. (“Juniper Capital” and, together with its affiliates “Juniper”); and (ii) the Contribution Agreement, dated November 2, 2020 (the “Asset Agreement,” and, together with the Contribution Agreement, the “Juniper Transaction Agreements”), by and among Rocky Creek Resources, LLC, an affiliate of Juniper Capital (“Rocky Creek”), the Company and the Partnership.
In connection with the consummation of the Juniper Transactions, the Company completed a reorganization into an up-C structure which is intended to, among other things, result in the holders of the Series A Preferred Stock, par value $0.01 per share, of the Company (“Series A Preferred Stock”) having a voting interest in the Company that is commensurate with such holders’ economic interest in the Partnership, including (i) the conversion of each of the Company’s corporate subsidiaries into limited liability companies which are disregarded for U.S. federal income tax purposes, including the conversion of Penn Virginia Holding Corp. into Penn Virginia Holdings, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“Holdings”), and (ii) the Company’s contribution of all of its equity interests in Holdings to the Partnership in exchange for 15,268,686 newly issued common units representing limited partner interests (the “Common Units”).
On the Closing Date, (i) pursuant to the terms of the Contribution Agreement, JSTX contributed to the Partnership, as a capital contribution, $150 million in cash in exchange for 17,142,857 newly issued Common Units and the Company issued to JSTX 171,428.57 shares of Series A Preferred Stock at a price equal to the par value of the shares acquired, and (ii) pursuant to the terms of the Asset Agreement, including certain closing adjustments based on a September 1, 2020 effective date (the “Effective Date”), Rocky Creek contributed to our operating subsidiary certain oil and gas assets in exchange for 5,405,252 newly issued Common Units and the Company issued to Rocky Creek 54,052.52 shares of Series A Preferred Stock at a price equal to the par value of the shares acquired, including 495,900 Common Units and 4,959 shares of Series A Preferred Stock placed in an indemnity escrow to support post-closing indemnification claims, 50% of such escrowed amount to be disbursed 180 days after the Closing and the remainder one year after the Closing. In connection with the contribution of the oil and gas assets under the Asset Agreement, we received $1.2 million of revenues attributable to production from the Rocky Creek assets for the period from December 2020 through the Closing Date.
We incurred a total of $19.0 million of professional fees, including advisory, legal, consulting fees and other costs in connection with the Juniper Transactions. A total of $5.0 million were attributable to services and costs incurred and recognized in 2020 as general and administrative expenses (“G&A”). The remaining $14.0 million of costs were incurred in January 2021 or otherwise incurred contingent upon the closing of the Juniper Transactions, including $5.5 million of transaction costs incurred by Juniper that were required to be paid by the Company under the Juniper Transaction Agreements as well as $3.8 million of costs incurred by us related to the issuance of the Series A Preferred Stock and Common Units. Collectively, these amounts were classified as a reduction to the capital contribution on our Consolidated Balance Sheet. The remainder of $4.7 million, representing professional fees and other costs, has been recognized as a component of G&A in the quarter ended March 31, 2021.
In determining the appropriate accounting for the Partnership and Juniper’s interest, we considered the guidance in Accounting Standards Codification (“ASC”) 810, Consolidation. The Partnership is considered a variable interest entity for which the Company is the primary beneficiary as it has a controlling financial interest in the Partnership and has the power to direct the activities most significant to the Partnership’s economic performance, as well as the obligation to absorb losses and receive benefits that are potentially significant. As such, the Partnership is reflected as a consolidated subsidiary in the Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements. The ownership interest in the Partnership held by Juniper (the “Noncontrolling interest”) is included in the Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheet as Noncontrolling interest, which is classified within permanent equity. The Noncontrolling interest is classified in permanent equity as it does not meet the definition of a liability under ASC 480, Distinguishing Liabilities from Equity and, among other considerations, the Common Units are optionally redeemable by the holder for a fixed number of shares (on a one-for-one basis) on and after July 14, 2021 and there’s no fixed or determinable date or fixed or determinable price for redemption; further, while the Common Units may be redeemed with Common Stock or cash, the method of settlement is solely at the discretion of the Company, with the Company having the ability to settle the redemption in shares. Additionally, while the holders of the Series A Preferred Stock, who also own the Common Units, could cause the Non-controlling interest to be redeemed through an event that is not solely within the control of the Company such as a change in control, through their majority voting rights, all holders of equally and more subordinated equity interests in the Company would be entitled to receive the same form of consideration upon such event.
The Noncontrolling interest percentage is based on the proportionate amount of the number of Common Units held by Juniper to the total Common Units outstanding which is also equivalent to the voting power in the Company associated with the Series A Preferred Stock held by Juniper. The Noncontrolling interest was initially measured on the Closing Date as the sum of (i) total Shareholders’ equity immediately prior to the closing the Juniper Transactions, (ii) the fair value of Juniper’s and Rocky Creek’s contributions provided in exchange for Common Units and Series A Preferred Stock (net of the of Juniper transaction costs and securities issuance costs paid by the Company and including the cash received directly by the Company for a portion of the Rocky Creek revenues as discussed above and asset retirement obligations (“AROs”) associated with the contributed properties); and (iii) a deferred income tax adjustment attributable to the Juniper Transactions, the total of which was then multiplied by the Noncontrolling interest percentage. The difference between the calculated Noncontrolling interest and the fair value of the consideration received was recorded as a reduction to paid-in capital.
The following table reconciles the initial investment by Juniper and the carrying value of their Noncontrolling interest as of the Closing Date with changes through and as of March 31, 2021:
Cash contribution $ 150,000 
Issue costs paid for Noncontrolling interest securities (3,758)
Transaction costs paid on behalf of Noncontrolling interest (5,543)
Fair value of Rocky Creek oil and gas properties contributed 38,415 
Revenues received attributable to contributed properties 1,160 
Asset retirement obligations of the contributed properties (14)
Fair value of capital contributions 180,260 
Income tax adjustment attributable to the Juniper Transactions (708)
Total shareholders’ equity prior to the Closing Date 205,558 
$ 385,110 
Juniper voting power through Series A Preferred Stock 59.6  %
Noncontrolling interest as of the Closing Date $ 229,620 
Net loss attributable to Noncontrolling interest (6,449)
Other comprehensive income attributable to Noncontrolling interest
Noncontrolling interest as of March 31, 2021 $ 223,172