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Juniper Transaction (Tables)

Juniper Transaction (Tables)
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2021
Juniper Transaction [Abstract]  
Reconciliation of Initial Investment and CV of NCI
The following table reconciles the initial investment by Juniper and the carrying value of their Noncontrolling interest as of the Juniper Closing Date (after post-closing adjustments):
Cash contribution $ 150,000 
Issue costs paid for Noncontrolling interest securities (3,758)
Transaction costs paid on behalf of Noncontrolling interest (5,543)
Fair value of Rocky Creek oil and gas properties contributed 38,561 
Revenues received attributable to contributed properties 1,160 
Suspense revenues attributable to the contributed properties (146)
Asset retirement obligations of the contributed properties (14)
Fair value of capital contributions 180,260 
Income tax adjustment attributable to the Juniper Transactions (708)
Total shareholders’ equity prior to the Juniper Closing Date 205,558 
$ 385,110 
Juniper voting power through Series A Preferred Stock 59.6  %
Noncontrolling interest as of the Juniper Closing Date $ 229,620