Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Property and Equipment, Net (Tables)

Property and Equipment, Net (Tables)
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2022
Property, Plant and Equipment [Abstract]  
Schedule of Property and Equipment
The following table summarizes our property and equipment as of the dates presented: 
  September 30, 2022 December 31, 2021
Oil and gas properties (full cost accounting method):    
Proved $ 2,828,400  $ 2,327,686 
Unproved 55,429  57,900 
Total oil and gas properties 2,883,829  2,385,586 
Other property and equipment 1
32,156  31,055 
Total properties and equipment 2,915,985  2,416,641 
Accumulated depreciation, depletion, amortization and impairments (1,204,618) (1,033,293)
Total property and equipment, net $ 1,711,367  $ 1,383,348 
1     Excludes the corporate office building and related other assets acquired in connection with the Lonestar Acquisition that were classified as Assets held for sale on the condensed consolidated balance sheets as of December 31, 2021. We closed on the sale of the corporate office building in July 2022. See Note 3 for additional information. As of September 30, 2022, we had $1.2 million remaining other assets classified as Assets held for sale excluded from above.